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Don't take our word for it . . .

Below are comments and stories from people who have purchased Hedgeville horses. Nothing makes us happier than to hear how our horses have touched the lives of their new families and how healthy and happy they are in their new homes. It is often hard so see them go, but when we receive letters and photos like the ones below, it is all worth while.


Deville and her baby 'Finesse' are doing great. We moved to a 65 acre farm and they love running the fields with our other horses. Finesse will run up to us when we call her and we can pet and love her all over. She's great with picking up her feet and haltering. We get ALOT of compliments on her.

~Misti McDermott, Kentucky


Hi Hedgeville,

I just wanted to share some photos of HV McAlibur (aka: "Mac"), Excalibur's son out of a Percheron Morgan cross mare named Margie.

We purchased Mac as a weanling in November of 2005 and look at him now! At one year and five months old he is 13.2hh and growing! He is a sweet and affectionate horse that even gives kisses! Our 9 y/o daughter can manage him easily...and is he a charmer! Boy what movement! We are so happy to have Mac in our life and thank Hedgeville for sharing their beautiful animals. Mac has his forever home.

Jen in MN


I wanted to also share with you how wonderful an addition Rocky's baby, HV31 (aka "Nosy Noble"), has been to our family. His conformation and temperament are superior quality. He is intelligent, confident, curious, sure-footed, easy-going, affectionate, and playful. Attached are pictures showing his personality. He's definitely a lifetime member of our family!

Thank you for caring about the quality (and fate) of the horses you breed. I HIGHLY recommend your farm!

~ Janet Conway, Florida


Paradis and Shiraz

The minute I fell in love with his picture on the web last year, I knew he was gonna' be a looker, but WOW. He's exceeded my wildest expectation as he grows. Carries himself so elegantly. He's smart and really inquisitive. And Paradise, let me assure you, I'm equally as in love with her!! She is a cuddler, believe it or not. Loves to put her head on your shoulder and breathe her warm breath on you. Lovin' it, lovin' it!!!

~Charm Nazzaro, Florida


I bought my first colt, from Hedgeville, and got more than I bargained for.

The girl at hedgeville picked this colt for me, since i explained i wanted it for my young girls who were five and seven years old.

She picked what we later called "Levi" as a horse that would be gentle and quiet and trusting, once broke....

For me, the inexperienced, she provided support and back-up by phone, and even came to the farm to teach me basic handling. Hedgeville was more than just someone selling a horse. Levi became part of our family and in no time, my girls were able to hand feed him, Levi has since been seen by several people in the horse circuit here locally, and they are thoroughly impressed by his quality, health and vitality. Not to mention, awesome personality and demeaner.

For anyone who is considering a horse venture, and looking for a beginer horse, or one who will become a blue ribbon winner, I highly recomend they check them out. I am more than pleased and impressed with their knowledge, proffessionalism, honesty and patience......

~Carla Chamberlain, Manitoba

Bell & Carolina

I can't tell you how much we love those girls! They are so happy and loving. They have even taught my neighbor's horse (a quarter horse) how to run and play with her tail up like an arab!

~Jean Denson, North Carolina


HV Heaven & Earth (stallion)

Heaven’s doing really good so far. Kip has been messing with him some and he says whoever did the ground work did a good job. He is running out in the pasture with some geldings and gets along good with them. Thanks for all of the info when we were looking at him, we really like him!

~Shawna Glendy, Nebraska

Dakota and Dually


The colts are still as wonderful as ever! Both were gelded in early January and did just fine. I was worried to death, but they came through like champs. Walked them every day as it was raining too hard to leave them out.

I’ve started them very lightly under saddle; just at a walk in the arena, and both are just amazing. No one at the stable can believe how well behaved they are. And we ride in a rope halter, no need for a bit, these boys go wherever we ask. No bucking, kicking, running off, it’s like they were born broke!

~Karen Knudsen , California




Silverado is so smart and learned yesterday (in one day) cues for trot, canter and come (trainer's head down). I am hoping my 6 year old daughter will be able to show her (just loaclly) next year. We will see! I am just so Thankful that I was able to acquire such a wonderful creature!

~Alecia Albury, Florida




MacKenzie has a phenomenal disposition--he's willing and curious--and these are two things that are so important when training a horse. He's good looking, and he's going to be big and athletic--he has the potential to be a superb athlete.

~Judy Lessard, Michigan




Wyatt is a gelding from Hedgeville that I have been riding him for the past five years in endurance and he has done very well. The photo is of him at the Pan Am Endurance Championships last fall. I could not be happier with the horse I am riding from Hedgeville Farm he is a wonderful horse! Wyatt also received the Canada West Team Bronze medal at the 2003 Pan Am Endurance Championships.

~Rusty Toth, British Columbia

Blue Belle


It's been a couple of months since I've gotten Blue Belle, originally HV50, and I just wanted to give you an update on her. First of all I wanted to say how happy I am with her, you never know what you are buying over the Internet and I certainly had my reservations but she is a fantastic horse. Beautiful, loving, smart.. She is completely trusting and lets me do whatever I want to her. If you can imagine me walking out in my open 5 acre pasture, she comes running to greet me, then I can play with her. I will turn and run away and she runs after me and circles in front of me, and I jump towards her butt and she "hides her butt". I can pick up all her feet, spray her with fly spray, lean across her back. She has every opportunity to run away, but she's the sweetest horse ever! :) Can you tell I'm in love. :) I wanted to Thank You for my dream horse and making it possible!

~Sherry Sanford, Kentucky



We adopted ‘Antonio’ – (aka ‘Tony’) last April and we are just thrilled with him…as you can see, he is SO cute!!! He’s got a fantastic personality – smart, willing, easy to train, hard to scare. We just love him, and he is a favorite at our stable now.

We thought you’d like to see how he’s doing. Good luck to you all!

~Vicki Ziesemer, Wisconsin


Precious & Kiss Me Quick


The boys are great! The kids love them! Now that its warming up we are starting to work on breaking them. Thank you again for the great additions to our family.

~Kevin Van Patton, California

General (George) Paton


Well, I finally got pictures!!!! They aren't the best, but I think you and Rita can see that George is doing well. He is growing, and we could just eat him up!!!!
I am SO lucky. Thank you. He is fitting in well after a couple weeks of my horses giving him a hard time. He has now made friends with everyone, and it is the highlite of my day to see him. I'm working a bit with the Parelli stuff, and some John Lyons. He is doing well and he will always have lots of love here.

~ Lexie McKinney, North Carolina

Sabrina & Fabian


I thought you and Alan would like to have these. They are both doing very well. Fabian is growing and learning all about how to play tricks on people. He's a little character!

~Faye Weldon, South Carolina

Atreyu Eclipse

I want to say a great big Thank you to both of you for del;ivering my wonderful Trey to us. (Atreyu Eclipse)

It was a pleasure to finally meet you and Alan and to see the beautiful horses you have. I have been looking at your horses since last year and now my dream has come true . Trey is getting used to me slowly but he misses the companion ship of the other foals & his mom. He tried to nurse on everything in sight.

~Melody Dickey, South Carolina

HV Warriors Aras

He is so beautiful Shannon sometimes we just stand and look at him. He is the only colt at the boarding stable so you imagine the spoiling he is getting . I have been watching your new arrivals and they are just beautiful . We will be showing Aras in halter classes this summer. He handles beautifully, had his feet done twice without a problem, and we are going to start round pen training.

~Deidre Lunblad, Florida


Ted and Angel, Radiance & Princess

Hi Shannon, this is a picture of the 3 horses from your farm. They are like sugar and spice and everything nice. I should have named them, Sugar, Spice and Nice !! Everyone in my neighborhood loves to come and pet and give them treats. They are so warm and loving and they just love people.

~ Ted Latimer