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Welcome to Hedgeville Farms and the home of the McKenzie family. We are a mixed farming operation, specializing in horse breeding and organic farming. For over 30 years we have been breeding quality horses and we now specialize in Arabians, Drafts and Sport Horses.  Our horses are used for a wide variety of disciplines all over North America. 

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At Hedgeville our breeding program is designed to produce exceptional conformation and temperament.  Our family has shown in halter, Western and English show-rings and have been excelling in endurance and competitive trail. 

Bloodlines carried by our Arabians include; Harbit (Polish), Barich de Washoe (Spanish), Sar Ibn Moniet (Egyptian), Witez II, Pesniar (Russian), Sahlih (part Egyptian), El Niga (part Polish), Gamaar, Raffon, Raffles and Negatiw. 


Hedgeville started breeding draft horses when we started producing PMU.  Our primary breeds are Belgian and Percheron. Our foals have been sold as replacement PMU mares and driving horses.  In the past few years we have moved toward breeding Spotted Draft horses for use in pleasure riding, driving, and cattle work.

Sport Horses

Through out the years we have really enjoyed the sport horse that has resulted from crossing our Arabian horses with our Drafts and Spotted Drafts. Able to be registered as 1/2 Arabian and extremely athletic, these horses are amazing for any discipline.  We have sold our sport horses for use as pleasure horses, dressage, eventing, driving, working cattle, English and Western show and more.


On the farming side of things, our primary focus is on Organic Crop and Beef production.  We believe that farming organically is environmentally and socially responsible way of earning a living off of the land.  We have Angus and mixed breed cattle and our primary crops are Alfalfa, Timothy, Hemp, Flax, Oats, Clover and Wheat.