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Hedgeville Purchase Information

Important Information
  • List prices do not include shipping or export costs - these are paid directly to the hauler.
  • Export costs vary from $50 - $125 depending on the hauler (number of horses traveling together).
  • Our horses are vaccinated for the standard Flu/Rhino/WEE/EEE/Tentus for the first time as yearlings in the spring and every spring following.
  • All required vet work for border crossing is also provided at our expense. Additional vaccinations or vet checks can be provided at cost for the buyer if requested. Please see details below.
  • Shipping and export is ultimately the responsibility and decision of the buyer. However, our main hauler is Keyhole Ranch. Their current pricing and destinations are listed on their website at
  • We do have other shipping contacts and will work with you to find the most convenient and affordable shipping we can.
  • Following payment for the horse we will hold your horse until appropriate shipping arrangements can be made (within reason). We expect that if reasonable shipping is available you will take your horse on the first available shipping date. (i.e. If Keyhole (or other reasonably priced hauler) is able to deliver your horse, we expect you to take delivery, if you choose not to or are unable to pay for hauling, we will charge board per day until the the date of departure. Board must be paid in full prior to departure.

Hedgeville Purchase Process:

  • A $200 non-refundable deposit must be paid prior to coggins testing and vet checks.
  • Full payment is required one month following the deposit and prior to shipping.
  • If, for any reason the foal is injured or becomes ill and cannot be shipped (highly unlikely, but just in case) - payment will be refunded in full or a replacement can be chosen.
  • If, for any reason the BUYER backs out of the process, a $200 deposit and any special request veterinary costs will be kept back in order to cover costs incurred.


There are two ways to pay . . . PAY PAL or by CASHIERS CHEQUE

1) Cashiers cheques should be made out and mailed (via traceable method) to:

Alan McKenzie, RR#1, Nesbitt, MB ROK 1P0 Phone: 204-824-2686

We ask that you take a photocopy or scan of both the cheque and the mail receipt for security purposes and fax or e-mail us a copy as a proof of purchase. (also acts as a record of transaction for the buyer).

2) Pay Pal
To use Pay Pal you must have your own Pay Pal account - you can get one for free at Pay Pal is a subsidiary of E-Bay and we have found it to be safe and reliable, however, if you choose to use this service it is by your own choice and risk. The email address you used to send us funds is Pay Pal charges us a premium to use their service, therefore there is a $25.00 fee - please contact us for additional details.


  • Foals eligible for full or Part Arabian registration will be shipped with registration application papers signed by the breeder. There is no extra charge for this, however there will be application fees that are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Horses that are currently registered will have their papers signed and turned over to the buyer - also at no extra cost (transfer fees will apply)

Vet and Health Information:

  • We administer the standard 4-way vaccinations annually in the spring, however, if you would like your horse vaccinated prior to shipping or would like additional types of vaccinations, arrangements must be made with us before coggins testing. This also applies if you would like a pre-purchase examination. All foals are scheduled for vaccinations in the spring and will be vaccinated prior to shipping - buyers may need to administer boosters
  • All horses sold to the US are inspected by a vet for basic health and soundness, however a detailed, thorough examination can be provided at the request and expense of the purchaser.
  • Vaccination Costs are as follows:
    $15.00 - 4-Way (Flu/Tetnus/WEE/EEE)
    $15.00 - Rhino
    $20.00 - Strangles
    $20.00 - West Nile
    $20.00 - Rabies

At the time of purchase, we will sign your bill of sale with a statement that claims to the best of our knowledge the horse that we are selling you is sound and in good health as inspected by ourselves and, if the sale is to the US, our vet. We pride ourselves in always disclosing the smallest imperfection to our buyers. However, inherent in the purchase of any animal, there comes the risk that something could happen. This is the risk that is assumed by any purchaser, including ourselves should we purchase an outside horse. Given the international nature of our sales and the complexities of shipping and border crossing, we are unable to offer compensation of any kind if something unforeseen should happen following arrival. We can only provide you with what information we have and promise what is within our control. What happens to a horse after it leaves our farm is beyond that control. The shipping agreement is between the buyer and the shipper and the liability lies with the shipping company. Following arrival at the final destination, any sickness, disease or injuries that arise are beyond our knowledge and control.
Although, in our experience, these instances are rare, we need to define upfront that all purchases are final. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you have the most detailed and accurate information on your horse as possible and will provide advice and support should anything happen, however we are under no obligation to provide financial compensation.